Go Green with HBH Woolacotts!
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As a Cornish-based, family business we take our social responsibility seriously. We’re committed to reducing and minimising our impact on the environment, as well as providing our customers with the most eco-friendly products and technologies available.

Here are some of the ways in which we’re working to create a more sustainable business.

In-House Recycling
We have our own recycling plant at our Bude warehouse and aim to recycle the vast majority of our packaging waste.

We recently invested in new bailing machines and compactors, meaning we can recycle ALL of the cardboard, polystyrene and soft plastic waste that we produce.

The machines create high quality bails that are sent to recycling plants for further processing and ultimately re-use.

Product Recycling and WEEE

We work with DCW, an Exeter-based waste management company to manage all of our waste electrical products (WEEE).

DCW have a commitment to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill and also try to refurbish and recycle old and unwanted electrical products.

Furthermore, we work with a printer toner supplier to recycle used toner cartridges, saving them from landfill. They've helped us prevent 215 cartridges from going to waste in the last 12 months alone. You’ll also find a battery collection point in each of our stores and we’re able to accept used batteries for proper recycling and disposal.

Eco-Friendly Infrastructure
We’re continually investing in our properties, shops and systems to make our business more sustainable.

Bude Solar

This includes large solar panel installations in Bude and Plymouth, with more planned in the future.

We’ve also recently introduced a brand new paperless delivery system which saves paper, fuel and time - as well as offering our customers a better service.

Energy Efficient Products
We aim to stock and supply the latest eco-friendly products from leading brands.

Our teams receive regular training so they can understand how these products help you to save energy and money in the real world.

Energy labels? Heat Pump? Auto Dosing? Eco Mode? If you’re confused by the jargon, but want to know more, then just ask!