At HBH Woolacotts, we’re committed to doing our bit to minimise our impact on the environment. From ensuring that as little of our waste as possible ends up in landfill to reducing our reliance on power generated by fossil fuels, we’re taking steps both big and little to help reduce our environmental footprint.

BalersTo reduce the amount of our waste that ends up going to landfill, we have invested in baling machines to help prepare our recyclable waste for collection by our recycling partners. When we install a brand new appliance, our delivery teams bring the resulting waste packaging back to our warehouse, where cardboard is baled together for easier transportation, whilst our polystyrene baler breaks polystyrene packaging down and reforms it into dense bars, making it easier and more efficient for it be transported and recycled. Most recently, we’ve invested in a plastic baling machine, which means that plastic wrap can now be more easily recycled. As a result, the vast majority of our waste packaging is now processed for recycling and ultimately reused.

We also have dedicated recycling bins in our offices and shops, so that as little waste as possible is sent to landfill.

When it comes to recycling of waste appliances, we have partnered with Plymouth-based charity Collectrical. They collect appliances from us and use parts from them to help refurbish or repair older appliances that can then be donated to those in need – saving as many broken, tired or beyond economical repair appliances as possible from landfill and helping those most in need to access vital appliances they otherwise might not be able to.

We even work with a printer toner supplier - Coast to Coast Direct - who recycle used toner cartridges, saving them from landfill. They've helped us prevent 215 cartridges from going to waste between June 2020 and May 2021 - just another small way of minimising our environmental impact.

We're also able to accept used batteries at our shops for recycling - you'll find a battery collection bin in each of our stores.

Solar Power
Solar BudeOur shops obviously use a lot of energy, with products that we have on display powered on constantly whilst the shops are open, and this naturally contributes to our environmental impact. In order to reduce this impact – and our reliance on less environmentally-friendly power sources – we have had solar panels installed at both our Plymouth and Bude stores, allowing them to generate their own green energy.