Are you struggling with Broadband or Wi-Fi Connectivity?

Do you have dead spots or poor connectivity within your network, or are you just looking to improve connectivity?

We stock, sell and can install a variety of TP Link products that can help overcome these issues:

Plug & Play Powerline Products
Powerline products use the electrical wiring in a property to extend broadband coverage and connectivity. With wired and wireless options available, these can be a low-cost and effective solution to help overcome connectivity issues.

Prices start from under £20 and the products are simple to set up straight out of the box.

An example of how plug & play network extenders work:
Plug+play 400x400

Deco Whole Home Wi-Fi
TP Link Deco uses advanced mesh technology to create a wireless mesh network to improve Wi-Fi coverage. A single base unit is plugged directly into the router and then additional modules can be placed around the house that all link together to create one mesh network.

Prices start from around £100; the products are plug & play straight out of the box and require very minimal set up.

An example of how Deco Whole Home Wi-Fi works:
Decom4 400x400

Omada Customer Home Network
TP Link Omada is a premium networking product that is used to create a completely bespoke networking system. Once installed, the system will create a full strength lossless network throughout any property and can be used in domestic or commercial settings.

Systems can range in price depending on the individual requirements and equipment required and we also offer maintenance or management service contracts.

As systems are bespoke a site survey is required at a cost of £50 at which point we will work with you to build a system that matches your requirements and provide an estimate with how much the equipment and installation will cost. 

Price List:
• Equipment – Priced individually
• Site Survey - £50 one off fee (-50% / £25 goes towards final job if quote is accepted).
• Installation - £48/hour
• Maintenance Contract – 10% of initial job as an annual charge
• Management Contract – 20% of initial job as an annual charge

NOTE – While all the above products can be used to improve your home network and connectivity, it is important to note that they will still be dependent on the quality of the connection coming into the property. If incoming connection speeds are poor then these products cannot improve that and we cannot be responsible for the quality of incoming connections and broadband speeds.