What is the Privilege Club?

The Privilege Club is a completely free scheme for HBH Woolacotts’ loyal customers, where we aim to give a series of perks and benefits.

How to join:
• No costs involved
• Simply make sure we have your most up to date contact details on our database including an up-to-date email address that is signed up to receive our email marketing

We won’t spam you!
We understand a lot of companies spam your inbox when you sign up to email marketing, so you may be reluctant to sign up (we get it, it annoys us, too)! However, we commit to the following:
• We will never share or sell your data with third parties without your consent. Even with your consent this will only be for warranty and service purposes that are directly relevant to products or purchases from HBH Woolacotts.
• We try to keep our email communications to a minimum and keep the content informative, interesting and relevant. We aim to only send 4 or 5 communications each month.

Privilege Club Benefits - Overview

Exclusive Discounts
• 10% OFF non-electrical accessories when bought with major products
• 10% OFF non-electrical kitchenware and utensils

Price Protection
• 10-day Price Protection on ALL purchases
Early Access to Offers, Promotions & Events
• Early access & notification of upcoming promotions & offers
• Early access to events
• Exclusive promotions & offers
• Clearance updates

Brand of the Month
• Monthly free-to-enter giveaway
• Exclusive product offers & promotions

Other Perks & Benefits
• FREE loan equipment on essential products
• Personalised reviews & recommendations

Exclusive Discounts

10% Off Non-Electrical Accessories WBW Parent Product(s)
The vast majority of electrical products need accessories and consumables for the best experience and we stock and sell a huge range of perfect partners so our customers can get the best out of their electricals. 
Our privilege club members can now get 10% off any non-electrical accessories when bought with any major purchase; for example: buy a vacuum and get 10% off the suitable bags, buy a tv and get 10% off any additional cables or buy a washing machine and get 10% off detergent.
• Products MUST be purchased at the same time as main product.
• Only applies to directly compatible, non-electrical accessories and complimentary products, e.g. cables/brackets with TV, spare bags with vacuums, detergent/cleaner with washing machine.
• Only applies to in-store purchases
• This discount code is NOT stackable with other generic discount codes or schemes (i.e. Blue Light, NHS, etc.).

10% Off Cook Shop
Are you looking to accessorise your kitchen? We stock and sell a large range of kitchenware, including pots & pans, bakeware, knife sets and kitchen utensils from brands such as Stellar, Judge, Joseph Joseph, Kitchen Aid and many more.
Our privilege club members can now get 10% off everything in our Cook Shop. No additional purchase required, you can enjoy 10% off all our cookware, all the time!
• Applies to all non-electrical products in the Cook Shop
• Use “PRIVILEGE10” to apply discount
• Can be used in store and online
• This discount code is NOT stackable with other generic discount codes or schemes (i.e. Blue Light, NHS, etc.).

Price Protection

Price Protection
We understand that we operate in a very volatile market with unplanned price changes almost daily to make sure we remain competitive. 
To support our Privilege Club members and loyal customers, we’ll offer a 10-day Price Protection from the day you receive your products.
In short, if you see that the price of your new product drops within 10 days after receiving your new product, you're eligible for our Price Protection and we’ll refund you the difference via a HBH Woolacotts gift voucher.
• This is the customer’s responsibility to monitor and advise us of any changes. We will apply the gift voucher once we have been informed of and have verified the difference in price.
• Only applies to products where HBH Woolacotts’ price has changed or a discount voucher has been added.
• Does not apply to price matches or other retailer’s prices.
• Does not apply to redemption promotions or manufacturer promotions such as cashback or gift with purchase.
• Does not apply where we have agreed prices, the sale/purchase has been made and we have been holding products for over 4 weeks. 
• Products are eligible for our Price Protection for the 10 days following receipt of the goods, i.e. the date of collection, delivery or installation
• The price difference will be issued in the form of a HBH Woolacotts gift voucher for the full value of the price difference. Gift vouchers are not dated so can be redeemed at any point and can be used in any HBH Woolacotts store and online.

Early Access & Communication

As a business we have a lot happening all the time, in terms of product categories, promotions and offers, as well as events and goings-on across our 9 stores.
The best way to keep up to date with everything is to be a Privilege Club member, where you will receive our email newsletters (not too many, we promise!) where we include all the latest information and most important communications.
On top of this you will also get:

Early Access to Promotions & Offers
Receive communication to some of our sales and offers before they go live on our social pages and website - grab those bargains before anyone else! 
Additionally, you’ll have first refusal for all of our in-store events, so you never have to worry about an event filling up before you get chance to register your attendance.
• All customers that receive our newsletters will be the first to hear about offers, promotions and events, giving you first access to everything we do
• Where possible we will open prices, promotions and discounts early for our Privilege Club members, so these can be accessed before official start dates.

Occasional Exclusive Promotions
Sometimes, to say thank you for being part of the Privilege Club, we'll be sending you club-exclusive discount codes and promotional events to use on selected products.
• We can’t say when or where these will happen, but we can say that our Privilege Club customers will be the first and quite often the only people that hear about it when we do this.

First Look at New Clearance Lines
We're always adding items to our clearance sale, and you'll be the first to know when we add anything particularly sought-after or on an incredible discount, so you can bag yourself a clearance deal.
• While our clearance site is available to everybody there is A LOT of products on there. Each month - and where applicable - we will communicate any major or particularly good additions to our clearance section. Quite often this stock is very limited and our Privilege Club members will be the first and quite often the only people who we will communicate this too.

Brand of the Month

Brand of the Month
You'll all be familiar with our Brand of the Month campaigns by now and our monthly social giveaways. Brand of the Month consists of blog posts chatting about the brand ethos and history, products and unique technologies and a free-to-enter social media giveaway. Our monthly Brand of the Month newsletters will give our Privilege Club members first communications, so you never miss a giveaway!

Brand of the Month Promotions
We’re also working with brands to expand Brand of the Month to include some exclusive benefits to Privilege Club members. This is likely to differ for every brand and may include gifts with purchase, free accessories or additional promotions and discount. What we are sure of is the ONLY way that these will be communicated is via our email newsletters to our Privilege Club members.

Other Perks & Benefits

Free Loan Equipment
If an essential appliance you purchased from us is under warranty, breaks down and needs to come in to our workshop for repair, being part of the Privilege Club entitles you to a free loan machine, so you don’t need to be without your refrigeration, washing machine or telly while it’s repaired.
• Only applies to essential products: refrigeration, washing machines and TVs.
• Only applies to products that were purchased from HBH Woolacotts.
• Only applies to products that are within a warranty period – either manufacturer warranty or an extended HBH Woolacotts warranty – unless otherwise agreed with your local store.

Personalised Reviews & Recommendations
We understand product information and technical jargon can be confusing, that’s why we spend time training and working with our sales advisors to ensure they’re knowledgeable and can help make this easier. 
We want to bring this knowledge to your inbox so we thought we’d bring their brilliant buying advice to our Privilege Club. 
Each month, we’ll include some personalised reviews and recommendations from our sales teams focused around new releases, new technologies, seasonal products or products that are on-trend.