Brand of the Month – June 2023

And just like that, we’re into a new month and summer is here! The hot weather has already arrived, so our brand of the month for June seems like a good choice – Dyson are famous not only for their vacuums, but also their groundbreaking cooling, heating and air treatment fans!

A history of innovation

Dyson was founded by James Dyson in the early 1990s. He had spent many years researching and experimenting with ways to improve upon traditional vacuum cleaner design, and had helped to create the first bagless vacuum cleaners and the first cyclone vacuum cleaners. Dyson’s DC01 was a huge success, becoming the best selling vacuum cleaner in the UK within 18 months and by 2001 accounted for 47% of the upright vacuum cleaner market! A cylinder vacuum soon followed and Dyson went from strength to strength, before entering the electric hand dryer market with the revolutionary Dyson Airblade in 2006.

The original Dyson dual cyclone vacuum cleaner – the hugely popular DC01

In 2009 the first Dyson Air Multiplier bladeless fan was introduced, delivering cooling air without the downsides of traditional bladed fans – noise, uncomfortable buffeting and the potential dangers that fast-moving fan blades could pose.

Dyson today

Dyson’s innovations have continued to come thick and fast, and their product range has grown accordingly. They now manufacture sought after hair styling products including the Corrale straighteners, Airwrap stylers and Supersonic bladeless hair dryers, as well as innovations such as the Zone headphones with air purification and Solarcycle lighting. But they continue to develop new features on their more traditional products – the latest generation of cordless vacuums make it easier than ever to keep your home clean from top to bottom, whilst the latest range of bladeless fans includes purifier models that can help to remove formaldehyde from the air in your home, as well as offering heating and cooling modes.

Dyson HP7A Pure Hot & Cool Air Purifier Fan

HBH Woolacotts and Dyson

At HBH Woolacotts, we’ve a long history with Dyson. We first started selling the Dyson DC01 in 1996, and their products remain incredibly popular with our customers to this day. It’s not difficult to see why, when you consider their innovative features, usability, attention to detail and classy design.

It’s never hard for our team to recommend Dyson products, either. With excellent performance, a reputation for quality and longevity (the author’s mother had a Dyson DC01 for over 20 years!) our team know that a Dyson sale will always result in a happy customer!

You can view Dyson products in all of our stores – find your local HBH Woolacotts here. Or you can view and buy Dyson products any time via our website – you’ll find our full range of Dyson models here.

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