Brand of the Month – October 2023

Where did the last month go?! It’s already time for a new Brand of the Month and this month, we’ve chosen a brand whose products really come into their element during the next few months – it’s KitchenAid!
We’re sure plenty of you enjoy cooking and baking a lot more during the autumn and winter months, so this is the perfect time to take a dive into the history of KitchenAid and their products.

A History of KitchenAid

In 1919, Ohio engineer Herbert Johnson invented a miraculous machine that was going to revolutionise cooking: the first household eggbeater. While testing it, the wife of one of the company directors unknowingly invented the brand name when she exclaimed: “I don’t care what you call it, it’s the best kitchen aid I’ve ever had!” KitchenAid was born.

Since then, KitchenAid has continued to expand beyond stand mixers as the perfect kitchen companion for both curious baking beginners and professional foodies alike. For over a century, KitchenAid and its products represent the perfect mix of professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design. All of these values can be seen throughout the full KitchenAid range including food processors, breakfast sets, blenders, coffee and much more.

The Timeless KitchenAid Design

The entire range has always stood out thanks to its timeless, distinct and bold design that adds character to any kitchen. There can be no denying that fine craftsmanship, durability, sturdiness, quality materials and careful attention to detail can be seen in each and every product.

This is proven by KitchenAid’s latest addition to the stand Mixer family: the new Bowl Lift. This is KitchenAid’s most powerful home bowl-lift mixer yet, with 1.5 times more power in the bowl, plus 11 speeds, generous size and, of course, the famous iconic shape. The 5.6L mixer is designed with 11 distinct speeds, giving you the power and control from high to low and everything in between. Every recipe – however complex – is in your power. The 1/2 speed gently folds delicate ingredients like blueberries and egg whites, keeping the air in batters and without overbeating. Just as if you were doing it by hand. Then just slide through the speeds, right up to 10 for fast whipping, while the soft start feature minimises those messy moments.

KitchenAid & HBH Woolacotts

Since 2010, we’ve had a great relationship with KitchenAid and their products are favourites among staff and, of course, HBH Woolacotts customers. Throughout the years, we’ve expanded our KitchenAid range to include their food processors, kettles, toasters, blenders and even their range of cookware products as part of The Cook Shop in our Plymouth and St Austell superstores. We’ve even hosted KitchenAid at some of our in-store events, such as earlier this year at our HBH Goes Live event.

KitchenAid at HBH Goes Live in St Austell, May 2023.

That’s all, folks! Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed learning a bit about KitchenAid and why we’ve chosen them for October’s Brand of the Month.

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