Brand of the Month – December 2023

And just like that, we’re into December – the end of the year and consequently the last Brand of the Month of 2023! This month we’ve chosen an innovative brand, one that’s fairly new to the HBH Woolacotts family, but that offers brilliantly practical products with a unique twist… Our Brand of the Month for December is… Shokz!

An ideal brand for the run up to the festive season, the Shokz range of bone conduction headphones make a great Christmas present!

A short history of Shokz!

Shokz first entered the headphone market in 2011 – and in the same year filed their first patent about open-ear technology. The following year they introduced their first wireless bone conduction headphone product – the “Bluez” model. Over the following years, their products would become lighter, more compact and more comfortable, with 2019 seeing the introduction of the model that would become OpenSwim. Over the years, the Shokz range has developed and grown – as you’d expect from an innovative brand with more than 950 patents to their name!

But what are bone conduction headphones?!

I’m glad you asked! Put simply, the bone conduction technology in Shokz headphones transmits sounds to your ears without obstructing them. Unlike noise cancellation technology, this means that you can remain aware of your surroundings at all times whilst enjoying your favourite music, podcast or audio book on the go. This is part of the reason that Shokz have become so popular amongst runners – since you can be aware of any hazards around you whilst you run, but still listen to your favourite content, helping to keep you safe.

Shokz – Partnering with UK Athletics and parkrun!

Shokz have been helping to promote running safety in association with England Athletics since 2016. In fact, the safety benefits of Shokz bone conduction technology in relation to situational awareness has been so well recognised that Shokz are the only headphones approved for use in road races under the UK Athletics Rules of Competition.

Shokz are also partnered with parkrun. Research has recognised the benefits of music in motivating you during your workout, helping you to maintain a steady rhythm and helping to boost your energy levels. But with Shokz, you can also maintain the social aspects of parkrunning for the most enjoyable parkrun experience possible. With Shokz headphones, it’s possible to remain motivated by your favourite tunes, whilst also being able to talk to other participants, take in the sounds of nature and still remain aware of important safety cues!

Shokz and HBH Woolacotts

Shokz are a relatively new brand to HBH Woolacotts, having joined the roster of brands we stock earlier this year. However, they’ve already made their mark – proving popular with those who like to keep active – runners, cyclists and swimmers have all discovered the benefits of open ear headphones – staff as well as customers! And – at this festive time of year – they make the perfect Christmas gift for the music and exercise lover in your life, particularly because from now until the end of December, you’ll find Christmas savings of up to 30% across the Shokz range at HBH Woolacotts!

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