Brand of the Month – November 2023

Happy November, folks, it’s time for a brand new Brand of the Month! For November, we’ve got something a bit different for you, and a new brand to the HBH Woolacotts roster – tonies!
Dubbed by their customers as “the best gift EVER that your little ones will never get bored with”, tonies have taken the children’s toy market by storm. With hundreds of characters to collect who sing songs and tell stories, there’s a Tonie for every child; and what better time of year for us to showcase them than now, when we’re all starting to think about our Christmas shopping!

“So, what is a Toniebox?”

…we hear you ask? The Toniebox is a musical storybox that brings kids’ favourite characters to life. Loved by over three million families – and counting! Little hands pick a Tonie character, pop it on the box and transform bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens into wondrous new worlds. There’s loads of pals, all here to bring joy to those everyday moments, from breakfast to bedtime.

Hundreds of Tonies to collect

From old classic stories like Peter Rabbit and We’re Going On A Bear Hunt to modern classics such as The Gruffalo and Stick Man, your children can experience the magic of many different worlds through being read stories. If your little one is a music lover, Tonies have got you covered there, too! Many Tonie characters not only include a story, they also include singalong songs; from nursery rhymes to Disney classics, new and old.

A History of Tonies

Tonies’ founders Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl created tonies® with one thing in mind: their kids. Childhood should be a magical time full of big adventures and loveable memories. They wanted to create a way for kids to experience storytelling in a digital age, that stimulates their imagination in ways that a screen can’t. Toniebox is made for kids (and parents) who want to feel good about their entertainment at home and to bring back imagination in its purest form.

tonies® is an immersive, wondrous experience you can feel good about, but more importantly a community you can be part of now and for many years to come.

“From our dream to your home, welcome to tonies.”


Why do you need a Toniebox?

Bedtime routine. Sorted.
Leave that one last story before bed to the Toniebox. And with soothing sounds, white noise and more, they’ll be sound asleep all night long.

Bring screen time waaaaay down
96% of parents say the Toniebox brings screen time down. Keep kids happy with stories and sing alongs from Chase, Moana, Shrek and more.

Super-charge their speech
Introduce your kid to huuuundreds of new words. The Toniebox is proven to boost kids’ speech and reading levels in just four months.


HBH Woolacotts & Tonies

It’s easy to see why these products are so popular; with hundreds of characters and stories to choose from, there’s hours of screen-free entertainment for kids with a Toniebox. Stocking Tonies is something a bit different for us at HBH Woolacotts, but we’re very excited to be a stockist. As most people who are familiar with us are aware, we’ve dealt with audio since… well, forever, but children’s audio is something new for us. We’re delighted to be able to offer not only Tonieboxes and Tonie characters, but also the matching accessories – including headphones and carry cases – to our customers in Cornwall & Devon.

When word first started spreading around the HBH network that Tonies were joining our list of brands, lots of our staff members who have young children were very excited! We hope to bring that enthusiasm and knowledge to our customers and we’ll have Tonies available to order in all 9 of our branches, with our Bude, Wadebridge, Plymouth & St Austell shops having the full range on display and in stock. Plus, as we are fortunate enough to be dealing directly with Tonies themselves, we can source any Tonie characters and accessories for HBH Woolacotts customers – so if your little one is a fan of a specific character or story that we don’t hold in stock, we can easily get hold of it for you.

In addition, we’ll have an ongoing promotion with Tonies where customers can save when they bundle! We’ll be offering the following bundles:

  • Starter Bundle – Starter Box + 2 Tonies – £99.99, save £10
  • Travel Bundle – Starter Box + Carry Case + Headphones – £99.99, save £25

Thanks for reading this month’s Brand of the Month post! Until next time. 👋

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