Brand of the Month – April 2023

Welcome to a new month, and consequently a new brand of the month. We’re pleased to announce that our brand of the month for April 2023 is De Dietrich!

Where did it all begin?

De Dietrich has a long history of innovation, dating back to the end of the seventeenth century. The business was started by Johann De Dietrich in Strasbourg, France and initially started in the forging industry. The De Dietrich name has always stood for innovation – in their early days, every product created was stamped with a hunting horn design, effectively introducing the first logo in industrial history!

Throughout their history, De Dietrich have built a reputation for quality, combined with the art de vivre – or the French art of living. This is embodied in De Dietrich’s modern appliances by creating products that make people excited by cooking, thanks to use of the highest quality materials and beautiful design to help evoke pure emotion.

Chateau De Dietrich

De Dietrich’s innovation

From the early days, there has always been a spirit of innovation at De Dietrich. After the death of her husband in the early 1800s, Amélie De Dietrich took control of the business – challenging entrenched gender roles of the time and driving the business to great success.

Fast forward to the twentieth century, and the pioneering spirit at De Dietrich drove the development of new cooking technologies – including pyrolytic ovens and saturated steam ovens. In 1990, they invented the first induction hobs – a product that has now become commonplace and revolutionised electric cooking.

De Dietrich today

Today, De Dietrich offers a range of beautiful cooking appliances, designed to offer the most advanced functions to create perfect results every time. From induction hobs with integrated downdraft extractors, to ovens featuring auto cooking functions, steam cooking and pyrolytic cleaning, their appliances combine ease of use with advanced features. And by making it easy to get perfect results, they also make it easy to get excited by cooking!

De Dietrich at HBH Woolacotts

We’re big fans of De Dietrich at HBH Woolacotts. We stock a range of their brilliant ovens and hobs across all our stores, with dedicated display kitchen areas in our superstores. We love the range of features, the premium design and ease of use that comes as standard across the De Dietrich range. Our customers love just how easy De Dietrich products make it to create incredible looking and tasting dishes at home, whilst also offering a stylish French flair to their kitchens!

You can find our range of De Dietrich appliances in store or on our website!

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