Brand of the Month – August 2023

Welcome to a new month – we’re officially into August, summer is well underway and autumn will be here before we know it. But before then, we’ll be making the most of all the sunny weather that the UK has to offer this summer; and what better companion for the warm, sunny days than your own sparkling drinks maker?! Drum roll, please, our Brand of the Month for August is… SodaStream!

Who Are SodaStream?

SodaStream, a PepsiCo subsidiary, is the world’s leading sparkling water maker brand. Operating in over 47 countries across the globe, SodaStream empowers consumers to create perfect personalised sparkling experiences with just a push of a button. By allowing its users to make better choices for themselves and the planet – SodaStream is revolutionizing the beverage industry and changing the way the world drinks.

SodaStream’s dream is to help people drink more water and live healthier lives, all while protecting the environment from the harmful effects of single-use plastic. As the No. 1 sparkling water maker brand in the world, they have a unique opportunity to make a real difference. Their vision is to see consumers worldwide turn their backs on disposable plastic bottles, hydrate more, live life healthier and to the fullest.

Why SodaStream?

By the time you finish reading this page, another 5 million single-use plastic bottles will be sold around the world. SodaStream believes that something as small as sparkling your water at home can spark a huge change in the world. SodaStream strives to eliminate up to 67 billion single-use plastic bottles from our planet by 2025, so hopefully we don’t have to go looking for a new one.

It starts with their carbonating bottle. SodaStream bottle will work toward eliminating hundreds of single-use plastic bottles and keeping our planet healthy and clean for everyone.

One SodaStream sparkling water maker can save up to thousands of single use plastic bottles. The yearly average saving is 290 single-use plastic bottles for years 2018-2022. Last year, SodaStream’s bubbles helped save 5 billion single-use plastic bottles from going to waste, that’s enough to circle the world 25 times!

What IS a SodaStream?

SodaStream machines allow you to easily turn tap water into fresh sparkling water in seconds! With a range of sparkling water makers to choose from, there’s a machine to suit everyone.

The SodaStream Terra is the brands best-selling sparkling water maker in the UK. The Terra ensures you can enjoy effortless hydration as you can make an endless variety of carbonated drinks at the push of a button.

Designed for the modern kitchen with a stylish matte finish, it features Quick Connect technology for fast and effortless CO2 cylinder insertion, whilst the cordless design means it can be easily placed anywhere in your kitchen.

Like all SodaStream sparkling water makers, the Terra helps you to reduce your single-use plastic with its included BPA free, dishwasher safe bottle that is fully reusable.

One CO2 cylinder makes up to 60 litres of sparkling water so you will have plenty of sparkling water before having to change the cylinder.
Note: only SodaStream PINK Quick Connect cylinders are compatible with the Terra.

A Flavour for Everyone

SodaStream’s flavours are a key element in their mission to create the perfect personalised sparkling beverage experience. One SodaStream. Endless Possibilities. One 440ml bottle makes up to 9L of flavour.

Pepsi flavours – a classic collection you know and love: Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Max Cherry, the new Pepsi Max Lime, 7UP & 7UP Free.

SodaStream Classics – a range of flavour favourites: Orange, Ginger Ale, Diet Tonic, Orange & Mango.

SodaStream Organics – organic premium crafted flavours: Blackcurrant Bliss, Crisp Apple, Summer Orange

SodaStream’s Vision

“Revolutionise the beverage industry by empowering people with simple, creative, and fun ways to make and enjoy better-for-you bubbly beverages.”

Each year SodaStream provides 1.5 billion litres of homemade sparkling water to millions of families worldwide. Their home carbonation systems make ordinary water fun and exciting to drink, which has been proven to lead to a 63% increase in consumers’ hydration rate.

Always striving to bring people the tastiest, most exciting hydration options, they’re constantly experimenting and adding fun and popular options to their flavour lineup. SodaStream also want their flavours to be better for you, with their SodaStream Organics containing 35% less sugar than the top 10 soda brands (GlobalData UK).

SodaStreamers report being motivated to drink more, simply because SodaStream sparkling water and Flavours make them feel like they’re enjoying a healthier indulgence.

SodaStream at HBH Woolacotts

We’re proud to be part of SodaStream’s vision by stocking their products in our 9 branches throughout Cornwall & Devon.

Since November 2020 – when we began stocking SodaStream – we’ve sold nearly 300 SodaStream sparkling water makers; we’re sure that some of our customers have helped in the mission to reduce single-use plastic by using a SodaStream. If you’ve already got yourself a SodaStream, we also stock the Flavours – pop into your local HBH Woolacotts branch to grab your favourites.

So, there you have it, our August 2023 Brand of the Month: SodaStream, a sparkling beverage for every occasion. One SodaStream. Endless Possibilities.

To learn more about SodaStream visit

Thanks for reading! Until next time. 👋

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