Hi-Fi Christmas Gift Guide

Buying for the audiophiles in your life this Christmas? Check out our hi-fi gift guide! From stocking fillers to main presents, we hope this will spark some inspiration. Our HBH hi-fi expert, Dan, is here to give you his Christmas prezzie recommendations! Take it away, Dan…

Stocking Fillers

Want a nice brush for your manly beard? Well, this is not the product for you. However, the Brush It is a fantastic little bit of kit to gently run over your prized vinyl records, before dropping the needle and sitting back in your smoking jacket with a glass of bourbon.

Carbon Fibre Stylus Brush


Record Puck E Stabilizer


Cork & Rubber Mat


Cartridge Alignment Tool


That’s right, it may sound a bit like a popular gaming console from the 2000s, but don’t be fooled; there’s no need to accidentally throw the remote at your TV whilst trying sink a hole in one (any Tiger Woods PGA Tour fans reading)? This little WiiM audio streamer puck is the perfect addition to any hi-fi system, big or small. With easy aux connectivity and a simple plug-and-play app, you could be streaming your favourite Christmas songs in no time (personally, I’ll be starting with The Darkness – Christmas Time).

QED QE6101 Audio Cable


Roberts Personal Digital Radio


WiiM Pro Streamer


Wireless Speakers

It’s not quite the motor bike that your Dad wanted for Christmas but… at least it says Yamaha on it! Why not stream the sounds of an engine directly to it via Bluetooth? That’ll fool him. Anyway, when you’re done playing pranks on Dad, you can go back to Noddy Holder and take your new bargain Bluetooth speaker with you – Happy Christmas, Dad!

Sony SRSXB Bluetooth Speaker


Sonos RoamSL Bluetooth Speaker


Sonos ONESL Wireless Speaker



Fed up of Gran telling you stories about how she single-handedly wrestled a Turkey back in the day (or is that just my Gran)? Stick these powerful-yet-tiny wireless headphones in to your ear, put Taylor Swift on (Christmas Tree Farm, and all the other Christmas covers she’s done – plenty of bangers to choose from) and nod off with a smile of smugness, knowing you can’t hear a word of that Turkey story that you’ve heard every Christmas since you were a kid… and also knowing that there are only 250 days left until you go to see Taylor Swift live at Wembley #TheErasTour.

Vivanco True Wireless Earbuds


Technics True Wireless Earbuds


Shokz Bone Condution Headphones

From £79.99

Your big sister got the in-ear headphones and you’ve got the over-ears, great for blocking out all the Christmas hubbub! Easily connect these Bluetooth headphones to your phone, select “Fairytale of New York” on your preferred streaming app and enjoy the peace. Oh– who’s that calling? It’s Hans Gruber, he wants to let you know that he’s at the top of the Nakatomi Plaza; better answer quickly using that crystal-clear built-in microphone and let him know that you’re talking to him through your amazing new headphones that Santa brought you. “Hans? Hello?” Guess he must have pocket dialled… wait, “yippee kai” what?!

Sony MDRZX310 Headphones


Sony WHCH720 Headphones


Sony WH1000XM4B Headphones


Main Presents

It’s Christmas Day, you asked Santa for that limited edition Home Alone vinyl and it looks like you made it to the Nice List, because Santa has put a record-shaped present under the tree with your name on it. Oh wait, you don’t have anything to play it on! Why didn’t you think this through?! Hold the phone – what’s that large box over there? It’s for you… WOW, it’s a new Pro-Ject turntable and a pair of Ruark active speakers – it’s like this was planned. Time to get this rigged up and get your new Home Alone soundtrack playing – Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

DALI Spektor 1 Bookshelf Speakers

From £219.99

Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Turntable

Turntables from £379.99

KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers

Speakers from £399.99

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