The Cornwall Hi-Fi Show 2022: The Making Of…

Another year, another hi-fi show – and what a show it was! Among the Hi-Fi Show organisers within HBH Woolacotts, the show is kind of like Christmas; in that we spend so much time planning, organising and making sure everything is in place and, just like that, the weekend has come and gone. 😥 But that certainly doesn’t mean that all the planning and build up wasn’t worth it.

Now, we may be biased, but the Hi-Fi Show has continued to grow bigger and better year upon year – the 2022 show was a far cry from what we started with 5 years ago: more amazing brands (with equally amazing products and displays) and more hi-fi enthusiasts coming out to see us across the weekend.

But what truly goes into making the Cornwall Hi-Fi Show?

As you might imagine, the planning process for the next show starts near enough right after the last one ends – and staff from all aspects of HBH Woolacotts, plus brand representatives, start working on creating a great show for you well in advance (luckily, those of us on the social media team who may not be as organisationally gifted don’t have to make any of the important decisions). But once all the planning is done, you’ve actually got to, y’know, build the show… and so the HBH web team headed down to The Pavilion Centre the day before the show to record all the hard work that goes into setting the show up, ready for our wonderful show-goers!

Early in the day, our chief organisers are on-site getting everything ready for the arrival of the HBH lorry, carrying all sorts of hi-fi and TV goodies! Then, it’s box-lifting time – the web team were momentarily unavailable during this time, weird…

What about the brands?

By this point in the day, most of our brands had arrived and started setting up their stands. Seeing it all come together was quite impressive – and let me tell you, some of these brands spent the entire day setting up their stalls for you. 😱

Shall we see some before & afters? 😏


The Final Result:

Want to see the whole process? We recorded a lot of the setup and put it all together here:

The Cornwall Hi-Fi Show 2022: The Making Of…

Thank You!

We hope you enjoyed this insight into what goes into setting up the Cornwall Hi-Fi Show. We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the brands, guests & HBH Woolacotts staff who made the 2022 Hi-Fi Show a fantastic event. See you in 2023? 👀

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to make it out to the Hi-Fi Show this year; you can still grab a bargain if you’re looking for a new addition to your setup! Many of our show offers are still running in-store and online until the end of October, including:

  • 15% OFF ANY Arcam Electronics
  • 15% OFF ANY JBL Passive Speakers
  • 20% OFF Cyrus XR Series Electronics
  • 10% OFF – ANY Pro-Ject Turntable / ALL Klipsch Speakers / Any Ortofon Styli or Cartridges
  • 5% OFF KEF LS RANGE / 10% OFF KEF R-SERIES (to order) / 20% OFF KEF R-SERIES (in stock clearance)
  • 20% OFF ALL Monitor Audio Speakers
  • 10% OFF ALL Roksan Electronics
  • 20% OFF ALL QED Cables
  • 10% OFF ALL Ruark Products
  • 20% OFF ANY REL Subwoofer
  • 20% OFF ALL Acoustic Energy Speakers
  • 5% OFF Sony XR TVs
  • 10% OFF Featured Sony Audio (SRSXP500, SRSXG300, SRSXE300, SRSXE200, SRSXB13, WFC500, WF1000XM4, WHCH710, WH1000XM4, WH1000XM5, PSLX310BT, STRDH190, STRDH790)
  • 10% OFF ALL Yamaha Electronics

  • As well as some incredible Sonos bundle packages:
  • BEAM + SUBMINI + 2 X ONESL for £1000
  • ARC + SUB for £1250
  • ARC + 2 X ONESL for £1000
  • ARC + SUB + 2 X ONESL for £1500

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