Why HBH Woolacotts for your Home AV?

As the South West’s largest independent electrical retailer, everyone knows we sell TVs, washing machines and household electrical appliances. What a lot of people don’t know is that we also sell a large range of audio, 2-channel hi-fi and home AV; and that this is a big part of our history and heritage.

We have bespoke hi-fi/AV rooms in Wadebridge, St Austell & Plymouth that are within our existing stores but give customers the opportunity to indulge, explore and listen to some of the best products on the market, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy electrical store. Our smaller branches also feature a small selection of hi-fi and audio, and specific products can be brought in to your chosen branch for demonstration, if you’d like to listen in your local branch.

Hi-Fi Room at Wadebridge

We have expert staff with a passion for audio to help guide customers through our range and how to get the best out of their systems. All of our products are demo-ready and customers are able to bring in their existing equipment or music to try out.

Certified Cyrus product experts, Dan & Jamie, at our Wadebridge store
Some of our sales advisers at the Bowers & Wilkins factory for manufacturer training

We stock a selection of the very best brands in the market, from 2-channel separates and speakers to home cinema and wireless audio. Products and brands are hand-selected to ensure we’ve got a concise yet comprehensive range of the very best products available. We also offer a Price Match Promise so customers can be confident that not only will they get the best experience, but also the best price.

Hi-Fi Room at Plymouth Superstore

Everything we do is focused on making sure our customers get an exceptional experience with their electrical products – before, during and after their purchase – as well as TVs and home appliances, our aim is to be the number 1 destination in Cornwall & Devon for audio & home AV.

Hi-Fi Room at St Austell Superstore

Shop our audio selection on our website here or give your nearest branch a call or a visit for more information. We’re always happy to help and give product advice, whether you’re just starting your AV journey or you’re a seasoned audio expert!

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