Coronavirus Information - how we are keeping you safe

Hands Face Space Fresh AirAs a family run Cornish business, we care about the safety of our customers, staff and the communities that we operate in. 

We will aim to keep this page updated with information regarding our business and how we are adapting to keep our shops and services safe, but accessible, to everybody. The latest version is as of 19th July following the relaxation of the majority of COVID restrictions.


Our stores reopened on 12th April, in line with the most recent government guidance. We are taking additional measures in store to look after both our staff and customers. 

  • In line with current guidelines, face coverings are optional for customers within any of our stores.
  • Our staff will continue to wear face coverings at all times in store and in public or communal places
  • Hand Sanitiser stations will continue to be available at the entrance of each one of our stores
  • We will continue to clean and sanitise surfaces and products that are used frequently. 
  • There will be no limitations in terms of customer numbers or social distancing within our stores
Despite the relaxations within our stores we would kindly request that all visitors remain respectful to other people and that people’s personal space and that a degree of common sense is required to help keep the potential risks to a minimum

Deliveries, Service & In-Home Work

All of our services have returned and we are now running a full service as follows;

  • FREE Next day Delivery – ongoing service on ALL products regardless of price, with products dropped to a room of the customer’s choice providing access is straightforward.
  • Installation Service – full installation service available on ALL applicable products. Standard installation terms apply – excludes gas.
  • Service Repair Team – full service department both in the workshop and on the road
  • Aerial & Satellite Service – full service

We appreciate some of these services are higher risk given the fact that we need to enter customers properties so we are taking the following measures to minimise the risks as much as we are able to.

  • All staff will continue to be provided with face coverings, PPE and hand sanitiser and will be able to use these at their discretion or at the customer’s request.
  • All staff will continue to wear face coverings at all times while in customers’ homes or public/communal work spaces.
  • Disinfectant wipes will be used before and after our work on the areas we have and will come into contact with
  • Non-Contact Paperwork with signing of delivery notes

In addition when booking in-home work customers will be asked the following questions;
  • Are you or anyone in the household currently self-isolating after being in contact with covid
  • Are you or anyone in the household currently self-isolating having had either a positive covid tests or still awaiting the results from a covid test

If the answer is YES to either of these then the only service we can offer is a no contact doorstep delivery until the isolation period has finished.

Warehousing & Administration

As non-customer facing roles both our warehousing and administration offices are relatively low risk, however, we have still looked to improve our systems and processes to further minimise the risks and ensure we can do as much as we can to reduce the risks to our staff and communities.

  • Social distancing actively encouraged and changing of work patterns to ensure we can maintain this wherever possible
  • Improved Cleaning and Sanitisation protocols with PPE and equipment readily available to all staff
  • Social distancing measures have been put in place throughout our offices and warehousing and will continue for the foreseeable future. We've also adjusted desks and working patterns to accommodate and reduce the need for shared equipment 
  • Face coverings continue to be a requirement for all staff while working in public or communal spaces
  • Bubble systems continue to be used where applicable to minimise the risks and potential spread.

All of our policies will be reviewed on a weekly basis depending on the covid situation within our area and changes to government guidelines.

We want YOU to be able to shop with confidence so if you feel that we have missed anything or could be doing anything better please do not hesitate to contact us and we will look into all requests where within reason.