Coronavirus Information - how we are keeping you safe

Stay Alert PageAs a family run Cornish business, we care about the safety our customers, staff and the communities that we operate in. While the Government restrictions are slowly easing, we fully appreciate that this is by no means the end of the pandemic and we are committed to ensuring that our stores are a safe place for people to shop; and that we react to the ever-changing environment and advice to the very best of our capabilities.

We will aim to keep this page updated with information regarding our business and how we are adapting to keep our shops and services safe, but accessible, to everybody.


In line with government advice our stores are now open and have been since Monday 15th June. This applies to all 9 stores across Cornwall & Devon and opening hours have returned to usual. All phone numbers, email addresses and website enquiries will continue to be manned to ensure we can answer questions, take orders and deliver products across the South West

With our shops now open we are taking a variety of precautions to ensure our shops are a safe but accessible environment;

  • Customer hand sanitiser stations at the entrance to every store
  • Social distancing artwork throughout the store to reinforce this advice to customers and staff
  • Safe working protocols in place to minimise the risks associated with shared workplaces, till points and equipment
  • PPE for all sales staff including mandatory visors and optional face masks and gloves
  • Hand sanitiser stations at each till point for customers and staff as well as designated hand sanitiser stations just for staff
  • Disinfectant wipes available for staff and improved cleaning protocols aimed to minimise the risks associated with shared surfaces, touchpoints, payment machines and products
  • Sneeze/Cough guards for extra safety at the checkout points

Following official guidance, face masks will be mandatory within all our shops from Friday 24th July. This guidance applies to all customers except those with certain disabilities and children under 11. We would kindly ask everyone to respect and follow the rules to help keep our shops safe. In order to assist and make this easier, if on arrival you do not have a face mask, we will have stocks of disposable face masks and are happy to provide one  free of charge to all customers who wish to come into the store.

For a full risk assessment for our in-store environments, please click here.

We want you to be able to shop with confidence; so if you feel that we have missed anything or could be doing anything better, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will look into all requests within reason.

Deliveries, Service & In-Home Work

All of our services have returned and we are now running a full service as follows;

  • FREE Next day Delivery – ongoing service on ALL products regardless of price
  • Installation Service – full installation service has resumed on ALL products
  • Service Repair Team – full service department both in the workshop and on the road
  • Aerial & Satellite Service – full service

We appreciate some of these services are higher risk given the fact that we need to enter customers properties so we are taking the following measures to minimise the risks as much as we are able to;

FREE Delivery Service
  • PPE for staff with face masks and visors/goggles to be worn at all times
  • Gloves will continue to be carried on each van but are optional for the engineer or if any customer specifically requests that they be worn. 
  • Doorstop drop off only or to a designated garage or outbuilding
  • Non-Contact Paperwork with proxy signing of delivery notes

Installations, Repairs and In-Home Work

  • PPE for staff with visors/goggles, and face masks to be worn at all times
  • Social distancing to be observed at all times including a request for customers to vacate rooms in which we will be working while we are on site
  • Disinfectant wipes will be used before and after our work on the areas we have and will come into contact with
  • Variety of safe working protocols to minimise interactions between our staff

For a full risk assessment for our in home services please click here.

We want YOU to be able to shop with confidence so if you feel that we have missed anything or could be doing anything better please do not hesitate to contact us and we will look into all requests where within reason.

Warehousing & Administration

As non-customer facing roles both our warehousing and administration offices are relatively low risk, however, we have still looked to improve our systems and processes to further minimise the risks and ensure we can do as much as we can to reduce the risks to our staff and communities.


  • Social distancing actively encouraged and changing of work patterns to ensure we can maintain this wherever possible
  • Improved Cleaning and Sanitisation protocols with PPE and equipment readily available to all staff
  • Reduce incoming deliveries and suppliers where possible and rely on stock on hand to reduce the amount of vehicles coming to the South West

For a full risk assessment for our Warehousing, please click here.


  • Where possible staff have been set up to work from home
  • Social distancing measures are in place throughout our offices and we’ve adjusted desks and working patters to accommodate and reduce the need for shared equipment
  • PPE and Cleaning equipment increased and improved protocols throughout

For a full risk assessment for our Administration, please click here